Lorena Mucke

Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

As President and CEO, Lorena is the heart and soul of the organization, leading the program since founding it in late 2016. Her vision for a non-profit education program that informs teenagers and adults about the effects of food choices on our health, the environment and animals has been realized and continues to reach students and others throughout the US, Canada and Australia. ECP is now the nation's largest, most effective non-profit education program focused on the issues related to animal agriculture and its effects on the whole planet. 

Lorena has spoken on the effectiveness of education in the health, animal and environmental movement at conferences, colleges, and high schools throughout the U.S.

Lorena has an undergraduate degree in Zoology from Texas A&M University and a graduate degree in Ecology and Sustainable Development (Argentina). Since her teen years, she has been an advocate for the environment and has lectured extensively on related topics in the US, Argentina, and Bolivia. She began ECP by personally lecturing to students in the greater Atlanta area. She continues to regularly present at colleges and conferences. 

Ann Robin

Chief Strategy Officer

As Chief Strategy Officer for the Educated Choices Program, Ann Robin plans, executes and manages ECP’s policies, new partnerships, and academic lab. From the early days of the program, Ann has worked closely with CEO Lorena Mucke to build ECP into a highly professional educational organization, presenting now to hundreds of thousands of students across the US and Canada every year.
As a lifelong health, environmental, and animal advocate, Ann has actively promoted a healthy, sustainable and compassionate lifestyle. A former high school and college educator, she understands ECP’s imperative to connect early with youth and young adults as they begin to make informed and thoughtful choices. Ann’s additional experience as a business owner and consultant in the non-profit world bring a unique perspective and skill-set for strategically expanding the program's reach and accomplishing the mission of ECP.
Ann has worked with advocacy groups and organizations throughout the United States. She has lobbied lawmakers, testified for and promoted important bills and was a key contributor to advancing public school opportunities for high school science students. Ann has been a licensed high school teacher and college instructor, with advanced degrees in Sociology and Education. 

Ashley Lay

Field Operations Officer

As Field Operations Officer, Ashley uses her years of experience as a former Managing Field Director to guide and support all of our Field Managers and Educators as they implement our program’s mission on a daily basis. A former business owner, Ashley's professionalism, creativity and organizational skills are critical assets as she leads her team and contributes to the ongoing success of our outreach efforts.


Ashley graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Biomedical Science and worked in the medical field for 10 years, the last 5 of which she founded and operated her own medical scribe company. Ashley has extensive knowledge about the health, environmental and welfare implications of food choices and shares her insights with students and teachers in the classroom.

Karyn Knox

Development Director

Karyn has dedicated her life to helping people live in a way that is healthy for their body, mind, and the world around them. Karyn has extensive experience in for-profit management and non-profit fundraising. As Development Director, she draws on these skills and her dedication to our mission to bring like-minded people together with philanthropic opportunities that make a meaningful impact on society and the world in which we live.  Her role at ECP allows for the growth and expansion of program initiatives along with the continued education of a better informed, responsible, and more compassionate next generation of young people.

Karyn holds a Certification in Non-Profit Management from the University of the Pacific and is currently studying Psychology at the University of Central Florida. She has a strong desire to continue to learn, grow, and create positive change.

Katie Medlock

Managing Field Director

As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Katie's experience working with people to create fulfilling and balanced lives provides an ideal skill-set for a Managing Field Director. Katie's management role with ECP reflects her depth of knowledge and natural leadership abilities as she supports our Field Directors in the field.


Katie holds a M.A. from Walsh University in Counseling and Human Development and a B.A. from the University of Akron in Psychology.

Katie Pierce

Managing Field Director

Katie's enormous success as a Field Educator laid the groundwork for her promotion to Field Director - and her exceptional management work as a Field Director has now positioned her in the role of Managing Field Director. Katie is a gifted leader, considerate and professional collaborator, and is wholly supportive to her team. Katie's many years of experience with students and her knowledge of nutrition and health issues combine to give her unique qualifications. Katie obtained her Bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas with a major in the History of Art and a minor in Applied Behavioral Science.

Alisa Marvel

Director of College Programs

Alisa's extensive experience as an ECP educator and Field Director serves her well in the role of Director of College Programs as she guides and supports the growth of our expanding outreach on campuses throughout the United States. Alisa's work researching food cultures and sustainability with Semester At Sea, as well as her position as a former teacher in the Boston area, helped her develop a love for all living creatures and a commitment to teaching others that each of us can make a difference for our planet. Alisa has a degree in History from Salem State University and is completing her Masters in Public Administration at Framingham State University.

Zannah Breunig

Field Director

In the role of Field Director, Zannah draws from her previous position as a Field Educator and her experience teaching at the college level to expertly guide her team of educators in the field. Her unwavering positivity and compassion have made her an effective manager and an impressive educator in classrooms throughout her state. Zannah holds an M.A. in Religious Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies from UNC Charlotte. She also earned a B.A. in Religious Studies from UNC Chapel Hill.

Casey Clemens

Field Director

Casey first joined ECP as a field educator, but also previously spent years as an educator in settings such as a national wildlife refuge and other varied school classrooms/campuses throughout the country. These positions have given Casey formidable experience and knowledge to apply as she continues to discuss critical and timely issues with students while guiding our field educators as they teach in their own communities. 

Casey has a B.S. Honors Degree in Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation, with minors in Philosophy & Anthrozoology from Canisius College. She is also completing her M.A. in Education at Valparaiso University.

MaryAnn Montalvo

Field Director

MaryAnn's impressive management experience and success as a Field Educator creates the foundation for her role as a Field Director. MaryAnn has also worked extensively with adolescents in medical treatment and this experience has given her unique insights into her educational approach and style. MaryAnn is also AFPA-certified as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, and has helped guide others in her community to make healthy food choices.


Her great passion for educating students about the impact of food choices on the world around us drives her commitment as a Field Director.

Denise Brown

Field Director

As a Field Director, Denise uses her experience as an outstanding Field Educator to guide her team to their own successful outreach in the field. Denise graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Business and worked in the corporate world for over 10 years, bringing a wealth of creative management experience to her role as Field Director.


Denise also spends a lot of time volunteering for various non-profit organizations that focus on animal care and sustainability issues, giving her a wide range of knowledge about the health, environmental and welfare implications of our food choices.

Janine Rietz

Web Development and Information Manager

As Web Development and Information Manager, Janine brings a broad range of unique skills to our organization. She began her work with ECP as a Field Educator and soon after contributed valuable ideas to improving field efficiency that were later adopted into our field model.


Janine is a former small business owner in the web development & graphic design area. And she is not only a passionate advocate for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle but is continuously looking for new and creative ways to improve our efficiency and promote our work. Janine attributes much of her exceptional creativity to her upbringing in her native Germany.

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