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Healthful Eating

Our most popular presentation, “Healthful Eating” examines the link between our food choices and the most common chronic diseases. Explore how informed dietary choices can help prevent, manage or reverse diseases and how modern farming and agricultural practices contribute to present-day public health concerns such as foodborne illnesses and pollution.

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“Healthful Eating” is intended for viewers aged 12 and up. This content is currently offered in English with country-specific data for viewers in the United States and Canada, and in English, Spanish and German using global statistics for our viewers worldwide.

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Our presentations are science-based and updated frequently with the latest data from well-respected and reputable organizations. We pride ourselves on providing only cited, factual, and unbiased information to encourage discussions surrounding the impact of food choices and to promote critical thinking about solutions to the health and environmental crises we face worldwide.

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Educated Choices Program is an international organization offering services worldwide in English, Spanish, and German. Our educational presentations have reached over 2.5 million individuals to date. Let us help find the best educational resources for your classroom, community venue, or organization.

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Reviews & Quotes

Our content has been well-received by millions of people worldwide. We are proud to be welcomed back year after year by teachers, community organizations, companies, and other groups that care about making a positive impact on our future.

“This presentation made me think more about my food chances and what I can do to make them better” - 8th-Grader, Waukee, Iowa

“It was a well ordered presentation and it kept me interested the whole time. I would watch another one. It was something that had me engaged, and I learned something throughout the whole video.” - 10th-Grader, Chesnee, South Carolina

“I learnt that the normal food that I consume on a regular basis is unhealthy and is doing more bad than good in my life…” - 9th-Grader, Tallahassee, FL

“I was glad to be shown proper alternatives to foods I should avoid eating...” - 10th-Grader, Livonia, Michigan

“The presentation was really good and it did a good job in making me aware of what I have been eating on a daily basis. I just feel like our parents should be aware of this as well.” - 9th-Grader, La Mesa, California


Academic Standards

Booking for your students? Educated Choices Program presentations support Academic Standards for Science, Social Studies, Food and Consumer Science, Health and Physical Education, Language/Arts, Advanced Academics/Gifted and College-prep courses. Click on the buttons below for country and grade level to review how ECP presentations support individual Academic Standards.