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Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

Study Shows Plant-Based Diets Decrease Heart Attack Risk Among African Americans

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

NY Gov. Cuomo signs bill that guarantees hospital patients a healthy plant-based option at every meal:

National Geographic:

Livestock veterinary drugs are wreaking havoc on wildlife worldwide:

Plant-Based Cooking:

GREEN Holiday Gift Ideas.

Washington Post:

Bovine belching is just the beginning of the long list of problems that eating meat poses for the planet.


In the near future, we’ll begin to see meat alternatives that outperform their animal-based counterparts at multiple levels, from taste to nutrition:

Educated Choices Program:

Did you know that you can TRIPLE your impact right now - to help us educate for a better world?

Business Insider:

The chain’s test introduces the Impossible Whopper Jr., the Impossible Burger, and the Impossible Cheeseburger

The Washington Post:

Flavorists are the tastemakers, driving consumer trends and making food craveable.

Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine:

A plant-based diet reduces health care expenses, compared with consuming a diet containing meat,the%20Tzu%20Chi%20Vegetarian%20Study.

The Good Food Institute:

Yellowstone volcanic hot springs provide new protein source:

Educated Choices Program:

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How did beef become our addiction - and our undoing?

The Atlantic:

Cows need friends to be happy:


Yahoo Lifestyle:

With plant-based foods surging into the mainstream, pushback has grown among those who oppose the shift:

Oxford University:

Animal product free diets deliver greater environmental benefits than purchasing sustainable meat or dairy.


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