A healthy, sustainable and more compassionate world will require thoughtful, critical thinkers. Our greatest hope resides in the youngest generation - who represents the best of humanity and has the knowledge and tools to solve these problems.

The Educated Choices Program is dedicated to inspiring this generation to realize the importance and responsibility of being informed and to understand the power and influence they wield to make the world a better place through their food choices. By helping students understand the realities behind their choices and the many benefits of healthy eating, students can make informed, responsible and compassionate decisions for themselves and other beings.

We focus our education program efforts on high school and college students, an age group that is more open and willing to examine our cultural choices than any other. And rather than telling those students what to think or feel, ECP educators help students find answers for themselves. We encourage students to think about their own experiences and examine their choices anew through an informed lens. Through respectful, non-judgmental and open dialogue students are encouraged to choose a path that accords with their own values and beliefs.

Our educators are exceptionally trained to collaborate with teachers and administrators throughout the US and Canada, bringing our free presentations directly to the classroom. We explore with students the agricultural systems and healthy lifestyles that help prevent disease, preserve and protect our resources and provide alternatives to ensure the compassionate treatment of animals.

"She didn't force her own

views upon us. She provided

information and allowed us

to make our own choices."

~ Justin 

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