"As always, your presentation was informative and enlightening.  You take on a difficult and uncomfortable topic that no one wants to acknowledge, but we all benefit from knowing the realities of how and where "meat" products are produced.  You provide a valuable learning experience for students."

- Gerald Climmons

Science teacher

"Wow, I cannot thank you enough for coming and speaking to all of my classes over the two day span. After the kids digested your information over the weekend, I’ve had multiple students come and tell me they are now vegetarians- because of you enlightening them on the treatment of animals and what meat really does to your body (just some of the reasons they mentioned). You spoke volumes to them and were engaging from start to finish!"

- Lauren Lloyd

Food and Consumer Science teacher

"I really enjoyed the program. It was very informative. You made me want to look at my own life and change the way I eat. I feel as if I am equipped to make informed decisions about where to get my food from. It is nice to know that people care so much about the world we live in. We can make an impact (on nutrition and wellness), one person at a time." 

- Whittney M. Peckham

Food and Consumer Science teacher

"Lorena really presented the facts in a manner to which the kids were able to relate. I saw the wheels turning in their heads about choices they make and how it affects the world around them. Personally, the presentation hit home. I have changed many habits to which my family has become accustomed. Everything about the day was top notch: power points, videos, demonstrations, and Lorena! I would recommend it for any class (science or not). My kids enjoyed the topics (which was a huge surprise) and were more involved than I had ever seen them before. Thank you!" 

- Kristen McCarter

Chemistry Teacher

"Thanks so much for your informative presentation!  The students learned so much valuable information which will make them more informed consumers.  I learned a lot, too!"  

- Cheryl Whitfield

Health Sciences, Chapin High School, Lex-Richland Five

"This presentation worked well with our project and helped the students connect what they eat with their health and environment."

- Wendy Hill

Biology, Brookland Cayce High School, Lexington Two

“Keith’s presentation on the environmental impact of animal agriculture was both powerful and thought provoking.  My high school science students were thoroughly engaged and were prompted to think critically about this very relevant and important topic.  Many gained new insight into the ways in which their own actions and choices impact the health and well-being of the planet.  We will definitely invite Keith to speak again and recommend his presentation to high school classes everywhere!”

- Valerie Katz

Science Teacher, Montessori High School

"Lorena's presentation was highly engaging, funny, and vastly informative.  This is a show you don't want to miss!"

– Dr. Cal Clements

"The presentation provided new information about the subject. Instructor did an excellent job at stating the information and not forcing an opinion. Also, the presentation was well paced and did not drag too long." 

- Michael Manzella

YMCA Counselor

"Very informative. This program is a great extended program for teachers to use to enhance their curriculum. It encourages critical thinking." 

- Shannon Olsen

Ethics Teacher

"Wish it was longer. Very interesting and helpful information." 

- Sean Quarterman

LSWS Teacher

"Lorena was friendly, positive and not at all judgmental of other ways. Just empowered us all with knowledge so we can make informed decisions."

- Nicole Motsek

YMCA counselor

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"She didn't force her own views upon us. She provided information and allowed us to make our own choices." 

- Justin

12th grade

"I learned so much about the Earth, water and animals. This presentation was great." 

- Chance

11th grade

"Wow... After the presentation, I went back to my dorm and announced to my roommates that my life had been changed. I feel empowered to make better food choices now for the sake of the planet!"


- Richard

college student

"It was really empowering." 
- Montana, 10th grade

- Montana

10th grade

"It was shockingly informative. It made me re-evaluate my values and my choices."

- Gordon

college student

"I had never truly sat and listened to environment arguments, and I enjoyed the awakening of the statistics." 

- Steven Bradley

12th grade

"Thank you for presenting to our political science class. The discussion about the conditions workers endure in factory farms and slaughterhouses really questioned my food choices. You make me think."


- Clarissa

college student

"The presentation was very good. It taught me a lot of information that I can use or tell my parents or other people about."


- Taylor

9th grade

"It exposed us to information we wouldn't typically learn." 


- Stephanie

11th grade

"Seriously... I lived in complete ignorance in regards to how the almost 10 billion land animals we eat in the U.S. are raised. Your presentation was eye-opening and mind-opening. I plan to vote with my wallet from now on because my choices matter. Thank you!"


- Sven

college student

"It was really good and it made you see what really is going on." - Robin, 9th grade


- Robin

9th grade

"Your presentation about ethics and eating habits was an eye-opener. I will never look at the food I eat the same way. Thank you, especially, for not sugar-coating the truth. We deserve to know."

- Yoselin

college student

"Thank you so much for coming to speak to our class! I wish more teachers invited speakers that can actually make a difference in the world like you. I have chosen to eat with healthfulness and compassion. My parents are supportive and are making changes. I no longer look at meat, eggs and dairy as food."


- Robert

9th grade

"I really enjoyed how motivated you were to get your point across; it really put me on the edge of my seat to know more about these things. One of the videos was hard to watch but I'm so thankful you showed it to us. I now understand why the standard American diet is so unhealthy and cheap."



- Amber

11th grade

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