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Feeding Our Service Members

The Secretary of Defense has been encouraged to provide service members with at least one plant-based entree option at each meal. Educated Choices Program and the Environmental Working Group are partnering to provide resources to support this initiative.

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Why ECP and EWG are Teaming Up:

By expanding plant-based food choices within the military, the Department of Defense can help the U.S. reach its climate goals while allowing service members to reduce risks from chronic diseases such as heart disease. EWG has been pivotal in the adoption of this initiative and continues to urge its swift implementation while ECP provides the educational foundation to support the smooth transition and highlight the human and planetary health benefits it provides.

Our Offerings

A recent survey by Plant Based News found that 52% of U.S. service members agreed or strongly agreed that plant-based foods are healthier and 23% were looking to reduce their animal intake. To help support the Secretary of Defense in expanding meal options for our service members, ECP and EWG have joined to develop the following resources:


Meals based around more plant foods benefit human and planetary health in many ways. Explore our curated collection of delicious plant-forward recipes for every meal of the day.


Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard! Check out these guides to make healthy, plant-based meals a little easier. Our guides’ topics include tips for grilling out and packing a nutritious lunch for any age.


Watch free videos covering a variety of topics to learn more about the ways our food choices impact human and planetary health.


Take a deeper look into creating healthier, more sustainable diets with podcasts, films, consumer guides, books, and more resources from ECP and EWG.


Check our recipes for nutritious, delicious plant-based meals. EWG provides recipes from Stefanie Sacks, a Culinary Nutritionist and the author of “What the Fork Are You Eating?” Or see curated recipes from ECP’s Next-Steps Toolkit.


Video Library

Educated Choices Program offers free, science-based video presentations that take a deep dive into the ways our food choices impact human and planetary health.