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Educating for a Better World

The Educated Choices Program empowers community members to recognize the importance and responsibility of making informed decisions and using their power and influence to advocate for a better world for all.



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Educating for a Better World

The Educated Choices Program empowers students of all ages to recognize the importance and responsibility of making informed decisions and using their power and influence to advocate for a better world for all.


Our Programs

ECP offers five engaging, interactive presentation topics that inspire active student participation, critical thinking, and enthusiastic discussion. Our audience-specific educational materials encourage students of all ages to analyze common misconceptions about both human and environmental health, as well as animal agriculture.

Our presentations are available in-person in select areas and digitally through professionally narrated videos, accompanied by lesson plans and discussion prompts.


Our high school and middle school presentations are available in-person and virtually.

The Educated Choices Program seeks to empower high school and middle school students to make thoughtful and responsible food choices by providing evidence-based presentations and encouraging open dialogue within the classroom.


Our college presentations are available virtually and in-person in select areas.

ECP's College & University program offers lectures that examine the agricultural systems and healthy lifestyles that help prevent disease, preserve and protect natural resources, and provide sustainable food alternatives, all of which are supportive of a wide range of academic disciplines.


Our community presentations are available anywhere virtually and in-person in select areas.

ECP is committed to empowering communities by raising awareness of their influence in making our world a better place with informed decisions for sustainable food choices. Attendees are encouraged to examine options through the lens of their own values and beliefs.


Our global presentations are available virtually.

ECP seeks to empower students in classrooms around the world. Our Global Program makes use of globally-recognized sources to provide learning materials about our health and the health of the planet, in a range of languages!

We seek to empower students and communities with the knowledge to make informed and responsible food choices. Our educational materials cite current, widely-recognized research and information on these topics, and provide legitimate facts in a non-judgemental, honest, and respectful manner.



Our presentations have been well-received by tens of thousands of educators who routinely welcome us to return to their classrooms year after year.

What educators say about our program:

“I really appreciate how you support all of your findings. This is something that I point out to my students every year. It is so important to be able to back up what you say with reliable sources!”


Academic Standards

Educated Choices Program presentations support Academic Standards for Science, Social Studies, Food, and Consumer Science, Health and Physical Education, Language/Arts, Advanced Academics/Gifted and College-prep courses. Click on the buttons below for country and grade level to review how ECP presentations support individual Academic Standards.


Our Mission

To provide science-based education about the impact of food choices, empowering current and future consumers and leaders to help create a healthier, more sustainable food system for all.

Our Vision

Societies in which all community members are equipped with the knowledge of how their individual food choices impact health and environmental issues worldwide, leading to improved personal and planetary health.


Support Our Program

As a non-profit organization, we offer our presentations at no cost and we rely solely on donations to continue our important work! Please consider making a one-time donation or signing up to be a monthly donor to support our education programs. Together, we can empower tomorrow’s leaders and consumers to make food choices that lead to a healthier humanity and a more sustainable planet!