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ECP Partners with Alianza Alimentaria

ATLANTA, June 24, 2024 -  The Educated Choices Program announces an official partnership with Alianza Alimentaria, a non-profit working with hospitals, universities, and other organizations in the private and public sectors to reduce the environmental impacts and social risks associated with food consumption and production. By joining forces, both organizations will have the opportunity to combine skillsets and resources to broaden their audiences and global impacts.

"Our partnership with Alianza Alimentaria is driven by a unified mission to expand food education in Mexico. By focusing on sustainable practices and health-conscious choices, we aim to empower communities and institutions, promote human well-being, and protect our planet.” Lorena Mucke, CEO and Founder of the Education Choices Program.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Educated Choices Program. Together, we are committed to promoting sustainable eating practices and combating climate change. This collaboration marks a significant step towards creating a healthier planet for future generations. By combining our efforts, we can amplify our impact and inspire more people to make sustainable food choices.” Sofia Ruiz, Food Policy Specialist at Alianza Alimentaria y Acción Climática.

ECP’s comprehensive digital library of educational presentations, lesson plans, and supplementary resources will benefit from Alianza Alimentaria’s local insights and networks in Mexico, further expanding its outreach in Latin America. Alianza Alimentaria will also gain industry insights to further expand its efforts strengthening sustainability and social responsibility strategies for supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, food producers, and the public sector globally.

About Educated Choices Program

The Educated Choices Program is an award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free food literacy education to equip students and community members with critical knowledge to improve human and planetary health. Its education packages have been viewed by more than 3.4 million people in 5 languages across 56 countries and territories. Learn more at

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