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A Letter from the CEO

Dear supporters,

The world is experiencing serious environmental and health problems, many of which are directly related to the current food system, while the Western Diet continues to expand worldwide. In addition, agricultural workers and farmed animals are subjected to conditions that should have no room in a civilized society.

Our organization is essential in educating and empowering current and future consumers to help transform our food system into a healthier, more sustainable, and more compassionate one.

To sustain our rapid growth, maintain a low per-student cost, continue to increase effectiveness, collaborate with mission-aligned international organizations, and expand our global outreach with first-rate academic presentations, ECP went through many structural changes.

We transitioned entirely to digital presentations allowing us to expand to territories we never anticipated reaching before. This also allowed us to streamline our expenses, devote more of our budget to improving the presentation graphics, content, and

supporting materials, and offer them in 3 languages (English, German and Spanish).

Our Living Lab collected and analyzed thousands of feedback responses against control

groups and follow-up responses. The conclusions of an independent analyst inspire us

to continue our efforts: ECP's educational presentations are highly effective at encouraging people to reduce animal-products consumption.

Our 2022 accomplishments, although celebrated and embraced, are also a clear reminder that there is still much to do. As we enter 2023, we feel a renewed sense of purpose, propelling us to work tirelessly, mindfully and resourcefully and to remain laser-focused on our mission.

Your continued support makes our work possible because, thanks to you, we reached 429,357 students in 2022. Together, we are educating for a better world.


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