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Educated Choices Program Launches On-Demand Education Library

ATLANTA, February 15, 2024 - The Educated Choices Program (ECP) has announced the launch of a new library that offers free, on-demand access to the non-profit’s expanded food education packages. Viewers can now easily browse, sort, and filter ECP’s videos across topics and languages and quickly access and download accompanying lesson plans, quizzes, discussion prompts, activities, and additional resources.  

The Educated Choices Program Library was developed with accessibility in mind to better serve ECP’s diverse and rapidly growing international audience. Closed-captioning features have been added to include translations in English, Spanish, German, and French, with more to come as demand for free food education increases in new populations. Spanish users will also have access to new and expanded education packages and resources for each of our Spanish-narrated videos. 

"I'm thrilled to announce the official release of our eagerly awaited resource library! It's the culmination of months of dedication and hard work from our team. This extensive library offers convenient access to all our presentation packages at no cost, serving as a centralized hub of knowledge, tools, and resources to support faculty and communities' education efforts and enhance our viewers' experience worldwide." - Lorena Mucke, CEO of the Educated Choices Program

In addition to new resources, the library features ECP’s all-new education package, Plant-Forward and Powerful. In this dynamic video, viewers learn how plants can enhance physical performance, endurance, strength, and recovery. Several professional athletes also share how they fuel their performance with their diets including Olympic Medalist Dotsie Bausch and Ninja Warrior Cayetano Alexander.

The award-winning Educated Choices Program features science-backed, teacher-approved educational tools and resources that empower viewers to make healthier, more sustainable food choices. These materials have reached more than 3.4 million viewers in 47 countries and territories. Nearly 50% of ECP’s viewers report making more mindful decisions about their food choices, reducing their chances of developing many common chronic health concerns and collectively reducing an estimated 2,653,099 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released into the environment to date. 

About Educated Choices Program

The Educated Choices Program is an award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free food literacy education to equip students and community members with critical knowledge to improve human and planetary health. Its educational packages have been viewed by more than 3.4 million people in three languages across forty-seven countries and territories. Learn more at

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