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Named 2021 Keeling Curve Prize Laureate

ATLANTA, July 31, 2021 - Educated Choices Program (ECP) is thrilled to have been named a laureate of The Global Warming Mitigation Project’s 2021 Keeling Curve Prize in the category of Social and Cultural Pathways. Each year the Keeling Curve Prize recognizes ten international climate solutions for their demonstrated impact and excellence in reducing, avoiding, or sequestering carbon emissions. The Social and Cultural Pathways category honors projects that work to change the way people consider, understand, and act concerning human impacts on planet Earth. All winners are awarded $25,000 to further their mission.

“We are so excited to be named a KCP Laureate and to become part of the esteemed group of organizations and companies that The Global Warming Mitigation Project supports!" said ECP Chief Development and Partnerships Officer Karyn Knox. "We are dedicated to creating a more sustainable food system by way of consumer knowledge and behavior and feel that this award will help bring awareness to the importance of education as the foundation upon which to build a brighter future for us all!”

ECP is honored to be recognized for the positive environmental impact of its educational programs. This award acknowledges ECP among a distinguished group of organizations from around the globe that are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions.

The 2021 Awards Ceremony can be viewed here.

About Educated Choices Program

Educated Choices Program is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and international organization providing science-based education about the impact of food choices, empowering current and future consumers and leaders to help create a healthier, more sustainable food system for all. Their services are provided for free to the public including schools, colleges, and community organizations.

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