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In the Press: Forbes' "How Sustainability May Alter The Food Chain"

ATLANTA, June 9, 2022 - Forbes' writer Richard Kestenbaum published an article titled "How Sustainability May Alter the Food Chain" on June 9, 2022. This article highlights the rising consumer demands for more sustainable products, how companies are responding, and what these trends could mean for the future. The Educated Choices Program was mentioned in the piece due to our post-presentation findings that, after receiving education about the impact of our food choices, most of our viewers choose to make healthier and more sustainable decisions about their diets.

Kestenbaum attended the Food Innovation & Investment Summit where he spoke briefly with our Chief Development and Partnerships Officer Karyn Knox. Educated Choices Program was a media sponsor of the event, and Knox served as a session chair and award announcer for the alternative protein finalists in the Innovation Showcase. Knox wrote extensively about her experience, the groundbreaking work of start-up companies, and the future of alternative proteins in this article.

Read or listen to the article on FORBES


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